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10 Essential Lessons for Easy Singing

Is your singing voice getting tired?

Hearing signs of vocal damage?

Are you engaging in unhealthy 'belting'?

Ready for the next level in singing?

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Learn how to sing now!  DVD and online singing lessons available. Choose from one of the three options below

DVD Singing Tutorial- 10 Essential Lessons 

Want amazing DVD singing lessons? Purchase the exclusive DVD, 10 Essential Lessons for Easy Singing to receive detailed guidance from Marion Rouvas and see real examples of singing transformations.  Plus, you can join in each singing tutorial as you move through the lessons. FREE GIFT - Included with the purchase of the DVD. Order the DVD and receive your very own workbook "10 Essential Lessons For Easy Singing" and practise CD. Extend your voice through as many key changes as you wish. $99 

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DVD- 10 Essential Lessons for Easy Singing
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Online Lessons in The 10 Essential Lessons For Easy Singing! 

Enjoy access to the content from the 10 Essential Lessons for Easy Singing DVD through our online singing tutorials. One easy payment of $99. Once you have purchased, you will have lifetime access to the online learning videos. Click the image to get started.




10 Essential Lessons Practise CD and Workbook Special

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The 10 Essential Lessons CD and Workbook contain the exercises you must practise to get the most out of your voice. The content of the workbook itself is exceptional value and the practical guidance in the CD will fine tune even the most professional voice. Priced at $49.95 (Valued at $99).

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10 Essential Lessons to Voice Rescue

Warm Up - Warm Down: Is this something you know about?
Acid Reflux - Do you have a solution to your reflux problems?
Emotional And Technical Singing - Are your emotions overtaking your technique?
Laryngitis/Pharyngitis/Colds/Sore Throats - Do you repeatedly suffer from these infections?
Attacking Your Voice (Onset) - Are you abusing your vocal chords?
Allergies/Smoke/Airconditioning - Do you frequently suffer from allergies affecting your voice?
Vocal Technique - Is your technique currently serving you well or could it be better?
Realigning Your Vocal Chords - Are you preparing your voice for your next big sing?
Diet And Exercise - Are foods and lack of exercise affecting your breathing and singing?
Create Your Own Sound.. Be Yourself - Do you copy other singers or are you being your self?

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