Meet Your Voiceology Teacher


Stella Studioz - Shoalhaven Area

Stella Studioz is the only Vocal and Performance Studio of its kind in the Shoalhaven. The Studio has been educating and inspiring young Vocalists & Performers for 10 years.  At Stella Studioz we teach the foundation “Voiceology” made famous by Marion Rouvas & Voiceology Australia. Stella Studioz is committed to providing the highest quality in vocal tuition, with a strong focus on performance. Stella Studioz covers all styles/Genres including contemporary, rock, and Pop, R&B, Rap, Country, Jazz, Blues, Indie and Deep House.  Stella Studioz has an unwavering commitment to developing inspiring, confident and skilled vocalists and performers, who will leave a lasting impact on their audience.


Miles Harris - Hills Area of Sydney

Miles Harris has been involved in music since a young age. He began playing professionally in his mid-teens and continued to do that while developing his composing (staff writer for Albert's music) and arranging skills. His arrangements have been used by many artists and bands across Australia. His first instrument was trumpet (Daly-Wilson Big Band) then guitars and added vocals. At this time he started some serious research into techniques for singing. He is a keen analytical coach and enjoys helping singers realise their full potential. For the greater part of his career he worked with singers, in his recording studio, developing their songs for recording and preparing them for live performance. He received a Mo Award as well as an Ace Award for his contribution to the music industry as a sound engineer. His wealth of experience in live performance and arranging music in many styles makes him well equipped to assist singers, whatever their chosen genre. He has been a supporter of Voiceology since its inception and attests to the values and methods it subscribes to.

He works from the Hills Area of Sydney.

mob: 0412878194


Katie Brenton - Maroubra, Randwick, Botany, Eastern Suburbs & surrounding suburbs

Katie Brenton, is a 22-year-old singer, pianist and violist from the Eastern Suburbs in Sydney. With over 15 years of performing experience, she has developed a passion for vocal technique and vocal health. While completing her Bachelor of Music Degree at the Australian Institute of Music, she was trained by Marion Rouvas and received an HD for her final Recital in 2013. 

Performances include Carols by Candlelight, Relay for Life, Musicals, Anzac Day Ceremonies, and has been invited to attend the Griffith University State Honours Ensemble Program. Katie believes it is important to remain up to date with current vocal practices and has attended various workshops including those presented by Irene Bartlette, David Laurance, Voiceology, APRA AMCOS and Katie Noonan.

Katie has also completed the following Certificates:

* Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Performance (Vocal)
* AMEB CPM Vocal Step 4 Advancing Exam
* Contemporary Piano Recital, CMus (AGM) Exam
* AMEB Violin 6th Grade Exam.
* University Level Theory and Aural

Katie’s background has given her the experience to share her knowledge about technique, performing and theory with others to "Teach the world to sing".

Bronte O'Neill, Voiceology Coach, Sydney

Bronte O'Neill, Voiceology Coach, Sydney

Bronte O'Neill - Sydney

Singing has been my passion for 10 years now. I have been performing since the age of 10 in many musicals, festivals, restaurants and live music venues. I have been a part of several cover bands, Acoustic duos, quartets, music theatre societies, a glee-style vocal ensemble and have also performed as a soloist for the navy Big band, The Blue mountains Orchestra and the Australian Institute of Music big band. I have recently completed my Bachelor of music and am continuing to perform in venues around Sydney, teach and write. I have a great passion for vocal technique and anatomy and am excited to spread the incredible method that is Voiceology. With the help of Marion Rouvas’s ’10 Essential lessons for easy singing’ I wish to give my students a strong, versatile and flexible voice they can take on any journey they desire. 


Mia Isoardi - Gosford, Central Coast area

Completed up to 9 grades of classical AMEB piano as well as 5 grades of AMEB music theory, Mia Isoardi is a young vocalist based on the Central Coast and has been involved in the performing arts since 5 years of age. She has toured nationally with a professional show ‘Forever Diamond’ playing 2nd keyboards, and stars in her own Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez tribute show, "Swiftly Taylor and Selena". Mia is currently studying jazz piano as an extension of her classical foundation, and is competent in arranging and transcribing musical notations. She has had vocal recording experience for most of her life, regularly singing lead and backing vocals for a number of records. Mia is hard-working, confident and committed to her craft with a strong work ethic.
Mia began her lessons with Marion Rouvas in 2013, and has since transformed and revolutionised her voice. Mia is passionate about Voiceology, and is ready to nurture new up and coming voices. 

M 04817 44060

Lee, Melbourne, Victoria

Lee is an accomplished performer with over fifteen years experience in the entertainment industry. As a Vocalist, Lee has performed throughout Australia from arenas to high end venues such as the Crown Casino, on television shows, at corporate gigs and as a Studio Vocalist. Lee has also worked and performed with many international artists including Robin Thicke, Kanye West, and Mark Ronson to name a few. In addition, Lee is a seasoned Songwriter. Her work has featured on Australian and International releases across music and television. Lee has had an amazing experience training with Marion. She is passionate about teaching the program Marion has developed, and very excited to work with Marion as a Voiceology Coach.

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Kristie Lees Singing Teacher Voiceology

Kristie Lees - Sydney City, Manly, Eastern Suburbs & Surrounding Areas ( also Skype )

Kristie Lees is a unique, diverse singer-songwriter and performer originally from the Blue Mountains. She has been involved within the performing arts since the age of 7. This included singing in selective choir competitions at the Opera house, selected to perform at the Q theatre for drama, being a part of multiple musicals and placed third in Sydney’s Bustalyric singing competition. As of mid 2015 she completed a Bachelor of Music degree at AIM (majoring in vocals). There she gained skills in versatility within genres and gained extensive knowledge within musicianship and performance.

Kristie is passionate about Voiceology and is currently a vocal coach within the lower Blue Mountains area.

“I met with Marion Rouvas in 2013 after experiencing vocal loss and damage. Voiceology saved my voice and my career! I cannot thank Marion enough. Through practicing the ‘10 Essential Lessons for Easy Singing’ my voice now has a foundation that I can rely on where it has longevity! It does not tire, I have an extended vocal range, my breathing has improved and I feel as though my voice is limitless – I can sing now with ease compared to the many years of belting and strain.”


Natalie Kules, Voiceology Coach, Sydney

Natalie Kules, Voiceology Coach, Sydney

Natalie Kules, Sydney Area

Singing since I found my voice at 10 years of age copying Michael Jackson. Then started song-writing at 18 and gigging around Sydney in a covers band. After having lessons with Marion for almost 2 years she recommended me as a singing teacher and I started teaching. I did that for a couple of years and then went on to have a family and life took over. Now after 10 years, I'm back in touch with Marion and Voiceology and ready to bring music back into my life.


Ian Parker, Wollongong - South Coast NSW

Ian Parker, a 26 year old singer songwriter, has been playing guitar and singing for close to 10 years. Trained under Marion Rouvas for several years, he is a regularly gigging musician performing both covers and original music. Having played live and recorded in bands and as a solo artist, he is currently developing his own artistry as a musician in Sydney and Wollongong. Over the years Ian has been involved in different local youth work, and coordinated and lead music at his local church. Since training his voice through Voiceology Australia, he has acquired a greater passion for singing, and for sharing his knowledge with other singers.


Britney Trevithick, Bankstown & Surrounding areas, NSW

I am currently in my third year of University studying a Bachelor of Music at the University of New South Wales. Vocal Styles include Contemporary , Jazz, Pop and Musical theatre Studied both dance and drama Certificate 3 in VET Entertainment

Over the years I have performed at Parliament House Spring Ball, The Sydney Royal Easter Show, VET Awards Ceremony, Policemen's Christmas Ball, Mayoral Charity Ball, The Bankstown Christmas Carols, Relay for Life, TAFE Awards, The Benevolent Society 100th year Celebrations, Bankstown’s Australia Day Celebrations, Children’s Festival,

Lions Club Annual Awards and many more. I was selected in 2010 and then again in 2011 to travel as an ambassador of the program and represent the council in our sister cities of Colorado Springs USA, and Broken Hill NSW, Sydney King Basketball, School Spectacular (Featured Artist) performance as soloist for the Schools Spectacular and has been a member of  both Bankstown's Talent advancement program and The Talent Development Project which are programs that strive to encourage young performer throughout workshop based seminar to improve performance technique and vocal ability I have been teaching the Voiceology Australia method for two years


Paul Jenkins, South-west Sydney / Wollongong

Paul has been lucky enough to perform around Sydney from a young age, but it wasn’t until he was introduced to Marion Rouvas and the ’10 Essential Lessons for Easy Singing’ that his vocals really began to shine. 

With the guidance of Marion and this amazing program Paul overcame some difficult vocal challenges and grew into the performer he is today.  Paul’s diversity has taken him to both stage and screen, working on Television and in Music theatre, all thanks to this fantastic program and hard work. 

"I am completely in debt to Marion and this program, I know that without both of these I wouldn’t be where I am today. This holistic program really focuses on the development and longevity of each singer individually and will allow them to be the artist they really want to be." 

Paul’s enthusiasm for performing and passing on his knowledge makes him the dedicated performer and teacher that he is today.


Rebecca Zammit, Liverpool area

Rebecca Zammit, Voiceology Coach, Liverpool area

Rebecca Zammit, Voiceology Coach, Liverpool area

I've been song writing my whole life, but only started singing lessons at Voiceology a year and a half ago. Since then I have been performing under the stage name, Becky, bringing original music to the world. I have been teaching English and karate for over 15 years and have been a life coach for the past 3. Teaching is obviously my passion so it is wonderful to have the opportunity to teach the vocal lessons that have made a huge difference to my singing.