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10 Essential Lessons to Voice Rescue

Warm Up - Warm Down: Is this something you know about?
Acid Reflux - Do you have a solution to your reflux problems?
Emotional And Technical Singing - Are your emotions overtaking your technique?
Laryngitis/Pharyngitis/Colds/Sore Throats - Do you repeatedly suffer from these infections?
Attacking Your Voice (Onset) - Are you abusing your vocal chords?
Allergies/Smoke/Airconditioning - Do you frequently suffer from allergies affecting your voice?
Vocal Technique - Is your technique currently serving you well or could it be better?
Realigning Your Vocal Chords - Are you preparing your voice for your next big sing?
Diet And Exercise - Are foods and lack of exercise affecting your breathing and singing?
Create Your Own Sound.. Be Yourself - Do you copy other singers or are you being your self?

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Voice Rescue - Singers Throat and Mouth Cleanser

If you want to look after your throat - keeping it healthy and free from bacteria then this is for you.

It may assist in looking after your throat and voice. 

Contains: Propolis  

$21.95 (inc. P&H)

What a great testimonial! 

The lead singer from SANTANA on tour in Europe just sent through this testimonial for my Voice Rescue Singers Throat and Mouth Cleanser.
I’m using it and I have to say I love it. It really works. It helps when my voice is tired or dry. Amazing..And I don’t have to use it that much.
Andy Vargas
Lead singer


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